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Western Sydney Airport Rail

Technical Management & Systems Engineering 

Project Description

In 2015, the Commonwealth and State governments announced a joint rail needs scoping study to determine the long term need, timing and service options for rail passenger services for Western Sydney and Western Sydney Airport. In addition to the scoping study, technical design was undertaken to determine the rail provisioning requirements within Western Sydney Airport.


The design for rail provisioning considered strategic alignment with airport infrastructure, local topography, construction staging, urban development opportunities, and interfaces with planned road and rail infrastructure. 

Scope of Engagement

The key engagement outputs include:

  • Identification of suitable horizontal and vertical rail alignments through the airport site capable of integration width the wider rail network.

  • Identification of suitable tunnel construction methods and station box structures compatible with proposed bulk earthwork staging for the WSA site.

  • Identification and integration with major road and rail interfaces such as the new M12 Motorway, Elizabeth Drive modifications, SWRLE Corridor Preservation, Sydney Metro extension and potential High Speed Rail integration. 

  • Assessment of potential impacts on future land use planning requirements adjacent to the WSA site due to rail provisioning requirements.

  • Development of a joint Business Requirements Specification and Systems Requirements Specification to define rail and airport requirements.


Transport for NSW


Project Management

Technical Management

Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance

Business Requirements Specification

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