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Axess are pioneers in self-service visualisation products.  We believe the best way to captivate an audience and tell a story is with pictures and diagrams that require minimal interpretation.

Much of an organisation’s operational efficiency can be gleaned from accurate and insightful reporting. In addition to more traditional reporting frameworks, we employ data visualisation tools including dashboard and scorecards that interpret information in a graphical format, presenting clients with a more intuitive output set to drive decision-making.

We implement solutions in the following products, and can provide support with implementation and training of these tools in your organisation:

  • PowerBI

  • Tableau

  • Google Data Studio

  • Alteryx

  • Knime


Our team’s experience allows us to create intuitive and easily-understood dashboards or scorecards that take people on a journey, based on agreed KPIs and metrics.  Out clients then understand what makes up the numbers, and agree to measures that will mark their progress. This raises visibility of down the line metrics that drive the business, creating an agreed topline view of what’s important right now and in the near future.


We use pure Agile development methodologies to ensure that the visualisations we create have maximum impact and relatively short implementation times.  Involving persona workshops, rapid prototyping, sketching and agile estimation and prioritisation.

When we’re not able to produce the perfect visualisation with an off-the-shelf product, our development team is able to create custom solutions using JavaScript and other developer tools.

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