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Western Distributor Smart Motorway

Independent Verification – Health and Safety in Design

Project Description

The Western Distributor Smart Motorway project will deliver the upgrade of the Sydney motorway network from the ANZAC Bridge in Pyrmont to the Warringah Freeway. The Smart Motorway project will use intelligent technologies to monitor and manage traffic congestion and respond to incidents in real time. The intelligent technologies will assist congestion by using real time speed limit management to balance traffic flow on the Western Distributor to reduce stop-start driving and improve travel times.

Scope of Engagement

Axess is providing Independent Verification (IV) of the Health and Safety in Design (HSiD) processes undertaken and outputs produced by the technical advisor, in compliance with Work Health and Safety legislation as embodied in the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice: Safe Design of Structures. As the IV will review supporting HSiD project documentation to produce a HSiD IV Report and HSiD Certificate. 




Independent Verification – Health and Safety in Design

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