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Sydney Growth Trains

Independent Safety Assessor

Project Description

The Sydney Growth Trains are based on the existing 4th generation Waratah train platform design. The Rolling Stock Provider is assessed by the Independent Safety Assessor on the process, policies and procedures for safety assurance, risk management, program governance and compliance to relevant Australian laws, standards and regulations.

The Sydney Growth Trains fleet comprises of 24 new eight-car suburban Waratah Series 2 trains with priority seating, wheel chair spaces, hearing aid loops, advanced temperature control, high definition customer information screens and customer help points.

Scope of Engagement

TfNSW appointed Altran-Axess, a partnership between Altran UK and Axess Advisory, to provide a team to perform the role of Independent Safety Assessor for the Sydney Growth Trains. The role covers the full lifecycle of the train delivery to Sydney Trains.

The Independent Safety Assessor team has provided:

  • Assessments and audits of design and manufacturing processes in accordance with systems engineering and safety assurance principles, risk management, program governance, relevant Australian Laws, standards, regulations and processes.

  • Assessments of the Sydney Growth Train fleet, including the parties involved in the specification, production, and interface to other systems, operations, and people.

  • Audits of driver training simulators for compliance with final train configuration and functionality. Assessment and audits of training, operations and through-life support of maintenance plans and specifications including the use and location of tools and facilities for such activities.

  • Reporting key findings and recommendations to the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR).


Transport for NSW


Independent Safety Assessment

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