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Regional Rail Program

Independent Safety Assessor


Transport for NSW


Independent Safety Assessment

Project Description

The Regional Rail Program will replace the XPT, XPLORER and Endeavour fleet with a new modern fleet with improved customer comfort and amenity. Some of the new features include reversible seating, window blinds, charging points for electronic devices, and overhead luggage storage. Regional trains for longer journeys will also feature buffet cars.

Scope of Engagement

TfNSW appointed Altran-Axess, a partnership between Altran UK and Axess Advisory, to provide a team to perform the role of Independent Safety Assessor for the Regional Rail Fleet. The role covers the full lifecycle of the train delivery including design, manufacture, testing, commissioning and handover to NSW Trains.

The Independent Safety Assessor team comprises of a diverse core of multi-disciplinary specialists with knowledge in:

  • Safety Assurance

  • Systems Engineering

  • Rail Safety National Law

  • Relevant local and international safety standards

  • Human Factors

  • Rollingstock

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