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GSFT & SIT Trackside Installation Project

Safety Assurance Review

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is adopting European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 1 Limited Supervision by implementing Advance train control Migration System (AMS) which is a cost effective method and timely solution to protect and prevent trains from over speeding and passing signals at danger. The AMS implementation is an overlay to the existing signalling system.

The AMS Generic System Function Test (GSFT) and System Integration Test (SIT) Trackside Installation Project will include installation of new ETCS trackside equipment and conversion of existing ETCS equipment between Gosford (exclusive) and Wyong (inclusive) to enable test trains to be run over the section of track to carry out a GSFT and then a SIT.

Project Description
Scope of Engagement

Transport for NSW


Interface Management, Technical Advisory, Human Factors, Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance

Assessment of the safety dependencies and impacts related to:

  • System functionality 

  • Interfaces (internal and external) between systems 

  • Operation and maintenance of the systems including human factors review 

  • Technical review of the design of the AMS system in accordance with the AMS Principles and Guideline, codes and standards 

  • Audit of the design verification for GSFT and SIT design data 

  • Assessment and audit of change controls 

  • Assessment of audit of GSFT and SIT installations in accordance with standard design arrangements and applied competence control 

  • Evaluation of the Signalling Functional Specification to comply with standards and safety requirements 

  • Human Factor assessment on installation and maintenance activities

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