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Let's Get to Know: Lynelle Rohe

Professional Engineer

Axess Advisory’s youngest team member, Lynelle Rohe has long had an interest in the transport sector and a civil engineering degree from UNSW has enabled her to follow this passion. “Transport project benefits have a huge reach,” she suggests. “Regardless of socio-economic background, everyone is positively impacted. That’s why I wanted to work in this field - I can contribute to making a difference.”

Being a young female civil engineer in a predominantly male industry, doesn’t even get a mention from Lynelle. “Honestly, I don’t see myself as any different,” she laughs. “Why would I?”. Yet she has stamped her mark for women in STEM through volunteering with the UNSW chapter of Engineers Without Borders, coordinating outreach trips to remote NSW and raising awareness of STEM options with indigenous communities and young women in rural areas. Celebrating her Filipino heritage, Lynelle plans to continue using her skillsets to give back and ultimately hopes to volunteer for humanitarian and engineering infrastructure work in the Philippines.

This is one of the many reasons why Lynelle fits so easily into the Axess Advisory culture – the spirit of philanthropy runs deep in the organisation and Lynelle’s mindset and experiences typifies that. Not only that, but as a skilled and capable civil engineer and consultant in a company where quality and integrity is key, Lynelle’s future in the industry is very bright.

So, let’s get to know Lynelle a little better.

Tell us about yourself Lynelle?

I graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Civil) in 2020. While at university, I focused my electives on transport topics and undertook undergraduate work in a transport infrastructure consultancy in 2019.

My Dad played a role in me becoming an engineer – he was a civil and environmental engineer who specialised in water treatment and desalination. We travelled around the world ending up wherever there was a demand for his skills, but most of my childhood was spent in San Diego in California. Maybe because of Dad, I’ve always found the built environment interesting. It plays such a fundamental role in society and I’ve always been curious as to why and how everything around us is planned and built.

What is your role at Axess Advisory?

My job title currently is Professional Engineer and through my role I’ve been exposed to different, as well as challenging, experiences and given the opportunity to dip my toes into various parts of the business. From tendering, technical report writing and safety assurance,

to project management and business development, there’s been considerable flexibility in what I can be involved in which has helped me grow. I’m always learning something new.

What do you love about your job?

Maybe it’s because of the size of the company or my age or the culture, but there are so many people at Axess who make time to mentor me and help me develop professionally. Everyone in the company has a genuine passion for what they do and because of this, they’re willing to share their knowledge and pass on what they know. It’s been such a positive way to learn. They’re very considerate of my age and recognise that I’m still learning yet they find opportunities for me to grow. I feel very supported.

Being in project management and engineering support roles have given me the opportunity to interact with people and be involved with various functions of the business. I love being part of a team and building interpersonal connections with both our clients and each other.

There’s a lot of transparency in the business. Everyone’s opinion is valued and genuinely considered. We have a very forward-thinking culture with a flat inclusive structure and a great deal of respect for each other. You’re seen and you’re heard. There’s recognition for the work you do and your achievements but there is also understanding and empathy if you need support or you’re under stress. There is a strong sense of comradery and a true duty of care within the team, which is reassuring, and I think quite unique.

What inspires you?

Throughout my childhood we would visit the Philippines often and would stay in a quiet provincial area near my mum’s hometown. Seeing the difference in accessibility to basic needs in the Philippines gave me a reality check. Personally, I enjoy helping people from all different backgrounds which is why my volunteering made sense for me and why I would like to do more of the same in the future.

What do you like doing outside work? How do you relax?

I love going to the gym and playing tennis. In fact, any form of physical activity is good for my physical and mental health. I also enjoy baking and find it therapeutic - it’s even more satisfying when it turns out well. To be honest, I love food and I’m quite an adventurous eater so I’m willing to give most foods a try at least once. There is one food I love that tends to get a bit of a reaction from those around me which is Balut. It’s a very common Filipino street food which is essentially a fertilised duck egg. They’re tricky to find in Sydney but I’ve found a place and I’ll often treat myself. It takes me back to my childhood.


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