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Parramatta Turnback Project Systems

Systems Engineering Services

Project Description

Population growth in Western Sydney is expected to increase customer demandfor rail services. The Parramatta Turnback Project will support this increase by removing some of the existing network constraints. The Parramatta Turnback will allow for capacity to be increased on the T1 Western Line. 

Parramatta Station is served by Blue Mountains, West/North Shore and Cumberland Line services. Under the 2018 timetable, some Inner West via City Circle services will commence from and terminate at Parramatta Station. The introduction of the Parramatta turnback will enable the following:


  • Additional Western Line capacity

  • Improved speed and reliability of express services

  • Improved independence between express and local services

  • Improved sectorisation, reducing the flow-on impact of delays to other services

  • Retain existing freight capacity and functionality


The Parramatta Turnback will require additional infrastructure such as a crossover, signals, train-stops and modifications to existing interlocking, control systems and overhead wiring. The new facility will allow for rail services to turnback at Parramatta to the CBD, allowing for additional capacity and improved reliability.


Scope of Engagement

The key engagement outputs include:


  • Provisions of Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance advice 

  • Development of System Requirements Specification through the service planning, design and stakeholder consultation process


Transport for NSW


Systems Engineering

Systems Requirements


Stakeholder Engagement

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