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More Trains, More Services - Stage 2

Systems Engineering & Safety Assurance

Project Description

The More Trains More Services Program provides a clear pathway to transform Sydney’s heavy rail network over the next 20-30 years by utilising world class technology to deliver turn-up-and-go services. More Trains More Services Stage 2 will enable segregation of the T4 Illawarra and T8 Airport Line. The segregation will provide the individual lines with a stronger identity, improve reliability and significantly increase line capacities, which will serve customers well into the future. 

More Trains, More Services Stage 2 will release a new timetable in 2021 and includes improvements to track, stabling, station, amenities and fleet infrastructure. The service uplift will address the capacity constraints on the T4 Illawarra Line (suburban) and South Coast Line (intercity) and introduce changes to separate intercity from suburban services. 

Scope of Engagement

The key engagement outputs include:

  • Development of System Engineering Assurance documentation to support the MTMS Stage 2 program such as the System Assurance Plan, Human Factors Integration Plan, System Engineering Management Plan, System Concept Description, Business Requirements Specification and System Requirements Specification. 

  • Development of a program specific GSN to ensure the system argument and safety assurance activities are supported by safety claims.

  • Provision of system engineering advice to ensure smooth integration of all sub-systems and system, including identification and management of interface risks.


Transport for NSW


Systems Engineering and SafetyAssurance



Human Factors

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