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Integrated Management System Review

Sydney Metro Delivery Office

Project Description

The Sydney Metro Integrated Management System (IMS) was designed to manage risks, drive efficiency and consistency across all Sydney Metro activities and operations. The IMS is applicable to all Sydney Metro Functional Areas and Implementation Groups and acts as the central repository for of all operating guides and procedures. Since an initial independent IMS review in 2015, Sydney Metro and the IMS have undergone a period of transition.  


Scope of Engagement

In 2017, the Sydney Metro Delivery Office engaged Axess Advisory to perform a second comprehensive review of the Sydney Metro IMS.


Services delivered by Axess as part of the review included:

  • A high level review of the content and structure of the management system

  • Review of Sydney Metro strategic and IMS objectives

  • Stakeholder consultation through surveys and interviews to identify:

  1. How stakeholders use and interact with the system

  2. Perceived strengths and weaknesses of the system

  3. Purpose and frequency of access

  4. Expectations in the systems

  • High level Human Factors analysis of the user interface

  • Development of an IMS Assessment Framework

  • Assessment of the IMS existing state against benchmark ratings 

  • Discussion of the pros and cons of ISO9001 quality accreditation

  • Development of an IMS 5 to 10 year vision, aligning proposed recommendations with medium to long term strategic and IMS objectives.


Transport for NSW


Integrated Management System Review

Quality Management Audit (ISO9001)

Human Factors Assessment

Stakeholder Engagement and Interviews

Program Survey

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