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Electrical Isolation Improvement Program

Independent Safety Audit

Project Description

The Electrical Isolation Improvement Project (EIIP) require an independent safety auditor to review a proposed safety control change to sequential switching process. The proposed change consists of the removal of the existing ‘Isolate Prior to Rail Connect Control’ for the electrical isolation by switching from the overhead wire (OHW) to rail within on sequence. This change is proposed for both the existing electrical isolation and restoration process. 

Scope of Engagement

Axess Advisory was engaged by Sydney Trains to provide assessment as to whether the EIIP had demonstrated that:


  • The risks of the proposed procedure were considered and sufficiently mitigated.

  • A robust safety argument has been established.

  • It was safe as far as is reasonably practicable to proceed to a Field Trial as part of a progressive safety assurance process for the proposed electrical isolation process.

To complete this engagement Axess Advisory provided:

  • A thorough review of the safety argument and associated safety artefacts produced by the EIIP.

  • Facilitated workshops with stakeholders (field operators, maintainers and subject matter experts) to understand key issues and concerns.

  • Collaborated with the independent electrical technical advisor to clarify key human factors, system and technical risks in light of the proposed safety control change.

  • Provided a report on the key findings of the safety review, including recommendations for further investigations in conjunction with the proposed field trials. 



Transport for NSW


Risk Management and Control


Safety Assurance

Independent Safety Assessment


Benchmarking Review

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