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Digital Systems Program

Independent Safety Assessor

Project Description

The Digital Systems Program of TfNSW will implement modern digital signalling and management systems in order to deliver increased capacity and significant performance, cost and safety benefits on the NSW rail network. 

There are three primary components to the new systems:

  • European Train Control System (ETCS) ‘level 2’ signalling, which uses in-cab signalling in place of lineside signals.

  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO), which assists drivers.

  • Traffic Management System (TMS), which automates traffic management activities and provides more flexible and efficient use of trains and track access.

Scope of Engagement

Key project outputs include:

  • Assessment and audit of safety assurance processes and documentation in accordance with ASA standards. Audit of engineering safety assurance activities and deliverables to verify that the project has implemented safety assurance processes during design development.

  • Documentation of independent assessment observations in Safety Notices.

  • Assessment of the program safety argument (SFAIRP).

  • Development of an ISA Plan and ISA Report to support the Configuration Change Board assurance gateway.


Transport for NSW


Safety Assurance

Systems Engineering

Human Factors

Signalling (ETCS, TMS, ATO)

Railway Operations and Maintenance

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