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Camden Council Growth Area

Contribution Plan

Independent Cost Review


Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal


Independent Transport Infrastructure Cost Review

Project Description

Leppington and Leppington North are part of the South West Priority Growth Area, located 55 kilometres southwest of the Sydney Central Business District. Leppington North contains the Leppington railway station and Leppington Major Centre. The Leppington and Leppington North precincts have been rezoned and are expected to accommodate increases in population by 26,892 and 25,919 residents respectively.


Scope of Engagement

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) appointed Axess Advisory in partnership with Civil, Consulting and Highway Design (CCHD) to provide independent transport infrastructure cost reviews for the Camden Council Growth Area covering Leppington and Leppington North precincts.

The independent cost review team comprised of multi-disciplinary specialists with knowledge in: 

  • Transport infrastructure

  • Constructability

  • Cost estimation

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